Designing the Hair Line

The hair line not only consists of the typical frontal area but is a continuous line from the sideburns, to the temporal recession and then along the front to the other side of your head. When rebuilding a hair line, besides the natural placement of grafts the design and placement is crucial to restore a cosmetically pleasing look and framing of your face; as this is more likely the first thing people see.

The placement does not always have to be aggressive but sometimes a subtle change can make a huge improvement to the overall result; correct orientation of the hair as it moves around the hair line into the recession and then down the sides.

Ensuring the hair used blends with the sometimes softer and finer hair in these areas. As well as hair calibre to take into account other factors such as density placed are important as this will change around the hair line. This is where artistic licence and medical expertise combine; understanding bone structure, and then the medical expertise to be able to change the angle and orientation of graft placement.



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