Hair & Graft Numbers

What is the average number of hairs per follicular unit (FU)? A follicular unit in general consists of 1-4 hairs that grow in bunches, when used in a hair transplant they are called a graft.

The average number of hairs per FU is important in determining if a person is a good hair transplant candidate. If the average number of hairs per unit is low then there may not be enough hair to treat higher hair loss patterns.

The number of FU´s and hair count situated around the scalp can differ dependent on the hair types or characteristics and or ethnicity. In the occipital (back of the head) the number of FU´s cm2 typically ranges between 65 and 85, and the hair count between 124 and 200 with a higher number of 3 and 4 hair units compared to the sides with a greater number of 1 and 2 hair units.

The correct distribution of FU´s in the recipient area is vital to a solid and natural result. The hair line being made of 1 hair units then behind building the thickness with 2, 3 and 4 hair grafts.

So, when speaking of graft numbers to treat hair loss remember the hair count is vital, with an average hair to graft count being 2.2 hairs per FU. Much less than this could impair the result short and long term, especially if hair loss progresses.



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