The Curvature of the Hair Shaft

Curvature of the Hair Shaft
Even a straight hair has a curvature, the lay of the hair when it is held up or when in the scalp will always fall in a certain direction when it exits the scalp, normally facing downwards. When placing a hair in the recipient site the hair shaft of the graft requires a few mm´s in order for the technician to be able to determine the correct direction of the curvature.

This is pain staking work and nothing to do with the way the recipient site (direction /angle) has been made, it is solely down to the technician checking each placement as it is made and adjusting accordingly which way the hair curvature falls.

Watching the natural curvature ensures maximum coverage from each hair, allowing the hair to blend with the native hair more effectively; even with a shorter cut the curvature does not contradict the surrounding hair.

Controlling the curvature has three major benefits:
1. it will blend with the surrounding hair and not give the appearance of misdirected hairs

2. It will allow each hair to give greater coverage allowing for fewer grafts to be used over an area of the recipient zone.
3 Ensure more fullness or density can be achieved as the hairs are laying in a uniform pattern.



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