Treating the Crown or Vetex with a Hair Transplant

Sometimes it may be felt the crown is the neglected area when it comes to a hair transplant. Your treatment should begin with a comprehensive assessment to attain a realistic and sustainable treatment concept, the “master plan”.

The crown opens on all sides, from the frontal and sides to dropping at the back; some cultures the area expands further due to bone structure expanding down each side potentially doubling the surface area. The hair orientation is different to the frontal and mid-section of the scalp with a spiral effect of growth creating the crown, and sometimes two spirals if a double crown.
Caution should be given when planning to treat the crown with a hair transplant as even a small crown can easily expand rapidly, doubling the surface area. From a cosmetic aspect the hair line and frontal is more important than the crown; if too much hair is dedicated to the crown there may not be enough donor hair resources to treat progressive hair loss.

Especially in younger men with minor thinning hair in the crown it is best not to treat with a hair transplant but first look at treating with hair loss medications as this may thicken the hair growth. As the crown opens it can impact on the size of the donor area and what is considered to be the “safe zone” for harvesting donor hair. This is especially a concern when using the FUE Technique

As the crown drops it reduces the surface of the donor area safe zone, placement, design, angle and orientation of the grafts requires technical and artistic skills to create the natural spiral



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