Dense Packing with Hattingen Hair

Dense Packing

As a Hair Transplant cannot replace like for like lost hair 1:1 an important aspect in gaining a natural looking result is the ability to place the grafts close enough together to give enough illusion of density; this is known as “Dense Packing”, a large number of follicular units per cm²

The density placed is largely dependent on the number of hairs per follicular unit, the area of the scalp/recipient area the hairs are being placed and the hair characteristics of the person. It is a technique that requires skill and an understanding of the hair placement within the scalp; carefully making the new slit for the graft so as not to impair the growth rate and the surrounding skin tissue.

The hair line requires single hair FU´s along the first few mm´s to ensure a natural progressive density is achieved rather than an unnatural wall of hair. This can require a high density of follicular units to be placed as only single hairs are used.

Behind the hair line multiple hair follicular units are placed. The 2, 3, and 4 follicular units are not randomly placed but strategically in areas to create the best thickness. Generally the higher the number of hairs the lower the density can be placed.

Dense packing is a medical and artistic skill to ensure enough density can be achieved in one pass to create a cosmetic result. If due care is not taken when dense packing it can impact on the yield and the quality of the skin tissue. At Hattingen Hair we believe the use of custom-made blade benefits the patient and allows us to place a higher density safely

Slit sizes can be customised to the size of the follicular unit, not one size fits all. Single hair FU´s use a finer blade whereas multi-hair FU´s larger slits are required. Our use of custom-made instruments also promotes speedier healing in the recipient area. Custom blades allow for greater precision of placement, allowing for larger sessions to be performed and higher densities placed.


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