Hair Transplant Design & Custom-Made Blades

Made to Measure = Custom-made Blades

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when placing the hairs in the recipient area. Of particular importance are the direction of growth and growth angle of the hair shaft. From a cosmetic aspect he placement of the follicular units is vital to ensure a natural pattern of hair is created and follow the natural angles and direction of the surrounding native hair

Natural Angles = Natural Results

Since every follicular unit is individual and varies in size we utilise custom-made blades to create the recipient sites as this allows to customise the depth and width of each slit to the follicular units. Since follicular units vary in size from a 1 hair to 4 hair units we use custom-made blades to compliment the size of the FU´s width and depth, varying between 0.6 -1 mm.

Custom made blades allow for greater precision of placement, allowing for larger sessions to be performed and for higher densities to be placed. Our use of custom-made instruments also promotes speedier healing in the recipient area with each custom made slit fitting precisely the size of the follicular unit regardless of how many hairs.


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