Hair Transplant Planning: The Master Plan

The Master Plan

Before deciding to undergo a hair transplant there are many factors to consider. One vital aspect is your happiness, short and long term. The development of a realistic and sustainable treatment concept, the “Master Plan”. Prior to any surgery the donor and recipient area will have their best properties; the donor having the best density, laxity, no scarring and the recipient has also never been touched or impaired.

With each session you lose some of the original properties of the area, in the donor the scalp is not as soft and elastic, so the number of grafts available will decrease after the first session
Will Your Goals be able to be met as hair loss progresses?
Can I maintain a natural looking head of hair with the resources I have available?


To gain the best long term result it must be thought about from the first session. Starting a hair transplant too early can result in “chasing hair loss” and not getting the best from your donor area. Lower Norwood Scale hair loss patterns, especially on younger candidates can make long term planning difficult as there is no established pattern of hair loss.

Addressing relatively small areas of hair loss, hair line for example, can result in having to continuously have touch up sessions on a regular basis to treat thinning behind the transplanted area to maintain a natural look. “Fixing” a low hair line can result in an unnatural pattern of hair growth if hair loss progresses to a high Norwood pattern, especially if the donor resources cannot supply enough hair in the future.

Hair Loss is an emotive issue for many and it is important to understand the consequences, and plan for the future. Having a “Master Plan”, understanding the limitations will help you to achieve your long term well-being. At Hattingen Hair we put great priority on your happiness, providing technical excellence but also planning your hair restoration…………We are older for many more years then we are young


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