Hair Transplant Repairs

Hair Transplant Repairs

Repair procedures are not just medically difficult to perform and hold many complications that a virgin scalp does not have; but it can also hold with the patient high expectations and emotions as to the result. It must be understood that be it a repair or first procedure a hair transplant is not a miracle cure, it cannot give you back the exact hair you have lost and may not meet your expectations because of medical boundaries.

A repair procedure is greatly different from a virgin scalp procedure. The scalp has been impaired and this brings with it complications. It also has to be understood that it may not be possible to repair all and it may take multiple procedures to achieve the goals set.

In many repair cases the best results can be achieved combining both techniques, FUT and FUE.

It is important to set out priorities, areas that cause the greatest concern are given priority to ensure that these areas are treated with the optimum cosmetic effect. Donor management becomes a priority especially if previous operations have greatly impaired the area. The concept should be to maximise the number of grafts available but to also improve the cosmetic quality of the donor.

The Recipient area can also hold complications; large plug grafts (older procedures), poorly placed or angled hairs and pitting and ridging of the skin. Poor hair line placement and angles can be camouflaged in many cases on occasions, dependent of the placement the offending grafts may need to removed.

Pitting and ridging can be less forgiving as it impairs the skin quality, even with resurfacing treatments. This may affect the density that can be placed or the yield on some occasions; with major repairs hair supply is vital, expectations and demands are high, every one counts. All due care must be taken as the trauma and anxiety of a repair patient is high; why a solid education, balanced expectations are required and dialogue between doctor and patient.


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