4172 FUT. Hattingen Hair

Our Patient was a NW5 hair loss sufferer but had kept his hair line, the goal was to give as much coverage and density from the hair line to the crown. Behind the hair line and mid section the greater density was placed and it dropped slightly over the crown. The video shows a comb through of his hair from hair line to crown complemented by the pictures below.

Here is the hair to graft split

2————— 1836——— 3672



Before Any Hair Transplant Procedure. NW5 Graft Placement, 4172 FU´s. Hattingen Hair, Switzerland4172 Grafts via FUT Grown Out Result. Hattingen Hair Transplantation, Switzerland4172 Grafts via FUT. Before & Grown Out Result. Hattingen Hair Transplantation, Switzerland Before & Grown Out Result. 4172 Grafts via FUT. Hatingen Hair Transplantation, Switzerland   Grown Out Result & Donor Healing after 4172 FUT. Hattingen Hair, Switzerland Grown Out Result. Hattingen Hair, Swizerland


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