What is Shock Loss?

Shock loss is a term used in Hair Transplantation to describe hair loss caused by the trauma of the surgical procedure. The native hair can shed in the recipient or the donor area, directly after the procedure and in some cases a few weeks later.

The trauma to the hair can be caused by the method of application, tools and or the medications used during the procedure; and can occur regardless of the technique used. The risk of shock loss can be reduced with technical ability and ensuring the correct angles and depth are maintained when making the recipient site slits for the follicular units.

That the density of FU´s placed is not too high in the recipient area creating excessive trauma. The depth and size of the recipient site can be better managed using custom-made blades; this allows for more precise slit size, better depth control. Due to this a higher density can be placed safely with less trauma. Shock loss generally will grow back over time; the use of medications such as minoxidil and finasteride can possibly reduce the risk and or help with the regrowth post-operation. It is common that during the re-growth period the hairs will initially grow thin and colourless and over the course of a year will thicken, darken and mature.

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