Can Surgical Hair Restoration & Hair Loss Medications Work Together?

Before deciding to undergo a hair transplant it is important to research and become educated as much as possible as to your hair loss stage now, and the potential for future hair loss. A hair transplant is not a miracle cure, only the redistribution of hair, and in some cases not all people are suitable for a hair transplant procedure. A hair transplant and medications can complement each other in providing the best result.

It is important to understand that surgical hair replacement without medical therapy may not provide a suitable result, dependent on your hair loss stage and future loss. Planning is important before deciding on a hair transplant, whether you intend to use hair loss medications or not, and having an open and honest dialogue with your doctor.

Dependent on whether you use medications will have an influence on how the doctor plans your hair restoration, along with your age and hair loss pattern now and potential in the future. There are three FDA approved medicated treatments and therapies for treatment of hair loss, although FDA approved it must be understood there is no miracle cure and results can vary from person to person, and always consult a specialist before using.

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