Preparing for a Hair Transplant

Preparing for surgery can take years of research, talking to many previous hair transplant patients, seeing results in the flesh and having consultations with multiple doctors. Once you have decided on the right doctor for you and the doctor confirms he is confident to meet your goals it is normal to look forward to the big day with both anticipation and some apprehension. This feeling is normal and as such nothing to be concerned with, in fact if you have no nerves at all it could be considered wrong, this is elective surgery after all and not something you do every day.

The clinic will want to ensure you are ready for your procedure, and will take you through the necessary pre-operation instructions, preparation and medical requirements. It is important you follow the instructions given to you by the clinic, they are given to you for your own best interests and to make the day of your day and after care go as smoothly as possibly.

If you are going to undertake the Strip technique it is advisable to start to think about your hair cut. Allow your hair to grow a little longer as it will allow you to easier conceal the donor area after the strip. Ironically if undergoing FUE it maybe an idea to cut your hair shorter, especially if you normally wear your hair longer.

Avoid direct strong sunlight, avoid sun- burn at all costs. The clinic may ask you to avoid or certainly greatly reduce any heavy exercise, excessive exercise can induce increased bleeding during the procedure and prolong the procedure unnecessarily and possibly compromise healing. Your clinic will probably instruct you to resist from taking elements that thin the blood, avoid aspirin and products containing aspirin, vitamins B & E as well as multiple vitamins which contain ginseng, and garlic pills.

This is not an exhaustive list and you should always listen to the clinic you choose as you have entrusted them with your well-being

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