The Preparation of the Follicular Units

The two techniques for harvesting hair differ in respect with the Strip technique the FU are intact in the donor strip whereas FUE the FU´s are individually removed so already separated from each other, this means no need for dissecting and generally need trimming.

As said, with Strip the FU´s remain in the donor strip, this strip is placed in a holding solution to protect the tissue. The strip is divided into smaller sections and then into the individual units by the tech team. A side of this process is to trim off any excess fatty tissue around the unit, this ensures the grafts are thin so can be placed close enough together to dense pack as well as to stop unnatural pitting or ridging of the skin in the recipient area.

This process within the hair transplant procedure must be carried out under stereo microscopes and by skilled technicians with precision and accuracy. Some hair types are harder than other to dissect even under microscopes, blonde or white hair or very fine hair make this more challenging.

This excellence to precision during the process is vital; each follicle unit harvested for transplant must be preserved and prevented from being damaged as this would compromise the overall result. It should be understood that it is sometimes necessary for some of the follicular units to be split into smaller groups to attain the correct number of grafts, for example hair lines require single hair units and if not enough are naturally found in the strip then larger units can be split down to attain the required numbers.

Splitting of units should not occur to simply increase the graft numbers, not only can this mean you could be paying more for the same amount of hair it could have a detrimental effect on the result as a successful hair transplant relies on a good distribution of the different hair units.

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