Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

The simple answer is yes

A Hair Transplant relies on the fact that not all hair follicles are subject to androgenic alopecia, commonly known as male Pattern Baldness (MPB). The hair around the back and sides of your scalp have a different genetic pattern to those situated on the top of your head and are not susceptible to the MPB gene.

The male hormone testosterone combines with an active enzyme known as 5 Alpha Reductase to form DHT. It is the DHT that triggers the MPB gene and causes the hair on the top of the scalp to shrink or atrophy over time.

When hair is correctly harvested the results are permanent. This harvested hair retains its genetic characteristics even after relocation so it will continue to grow for the rest of your life. Care must be taken to not harvest hair from outside the donor hair “safe zone”; as hair loss progresses the donor area reduces in surface area, especially if the sides and crown drop.

Managing the safe zone is much easier to predict with FUT due to the relatively small width of the strip removed, whereas FUE relies on removing individual FU´s over a larger surface area. In lower hair loss cases and younger candidates the long term hair loss pattern is hard to predict and a conservative approach should be taken when harvesting from the donor area, so as not to potentially remove DHT prone hair units. If hairs are removed that in the future could suffer from MPB this will affect the long term result of a hair transplant, as the hair could begin to fall out due to MPB.

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