Hair Transplant Techniques

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when placing the hairs in the recipient area. Of particular importance are the direction of growth, growth angle, the curve of the hair shaft and the placement of a natural pattern of the hair.

Each follicular unit is individual and varies in size, we use different blades and to create custom reception slits of varying width and depth to the follicular units. The width of the blade is very small, about 0.6-1 mm. We use custom-made blades to compliment the size of the FU´s width and depth, taking into consideration the width of the hair and the number of hairs per follicular unit, normally between 1-4 hairs

Our use of custom-made instruments also promotes speedier healing in the recipient area; the use by some of standard tools have to be large enough to facilitate the larger FU´s so do not take into consideration the variant in sizes or depth of the slit that needs to be made

Custom blades allow for greater precision of placement, allowing for larger sessions to be performed and higher densities placed, whereas standard tools restrict the density that can be placed due to circulatory disorders when trying to place too high a density

The curvature of the hair shaft must be considered as an important factor in the placement of each follicular unit. The curvature should not be mistaken with the direction or angle of the hair, but is a property of the individual hair
If at the time of placing the hair the natural curvature is taken into consideration a greater coverage per hair can be achieved, around 30% higher.

The correct lay of the hair will also later impact on the natural appearance when styling the hair as each hair will follow the curve thus blend with the surrounding hairs naturally. To detect the bend of the hair shaft becomes more difficult the shorter the hair shaft. Since the removal of the donor strip hair is left slightly longer than the individual removal the bend can be detected easier.

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