The Art of Hair Transplantation and Hair Restoration

Hair Transplantation is as much a medical procedure as it is an artistic procedure, being able to complete a medical procedure to a high standard but also understand the physiology of the skin and facial structure. A high degree of artistic understanding is vital to the quality of the hair transplant result and a satisfied patient, especially areas such as hair line placement and design, graft angles and direction.

Planning a hair transplant should be seen as long term and the timing of a hair transplant is vital to your long term happiness; starting too early and too aggressively can lead to problems in the future if hair loss continues. Before deciding to undergo a hair transplant procedure it is important to understand that a hair transplant does not create more hair, it simply moves hair from one area to another area of your head.

It is also important to know a hair transplant cannot replace like for like hair; so the art is in making less hair cover an area of hair loss and still create a natural looking density. This illusion of density is created by planning the distribution of the multiple hair follicular units and the angle and direction of the placement of the grafts. When choosing your hair transplant doctor it is important you research their patient results, especially the results that have similar characteristics to your pattern of hair loss and hair types

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