How to get a Hair Transplant Consultation

When researching hair transplantation it will come a time when you wish to discuss with a Doctor or Clinic; for some this maybe straight away and for other they prefer to wait and narrow down their selection. It is always a good idea to contact a few Clinics after researching; this allows you to determine the approach of each Clinic and any variations in their assessment, which is likely to happen.

A hair transplant is very personal and sometimes, initially anyway, you may not want to give too much personal data. Hattingen Hair offer a free, no-obligation on-line consultation. An on-line consultation can be helpful if you do not live close to the clinic, maybe in a different country, making it difficult for personal contact.

When asking for an on-line consultation the clinic will require certain details from you to give a credible assessment of your situation, it is important to be open and honest otherwise this will cloud the assessment given. Details such as your age, hair loss in your family, hair loss medications you are using and your goals and intentions to name a few aspects to include.

Good quality pictures, of all aspects of your head, front, and both sides, back and top are also needed; take in clear daylight, no flash or shadow that obscures reality.

Video (Skype) Consultations are becoming more popular with Hattingen Hair and allow you to interact with the Doctor from your home. It allows the Doctor to see you better and measure aspects such as scalp laxity. A personal consultation is obviously the ultimate, and also gives you a chance to visit the clinic, to get a feel of the Doctor and Clinic.

Hattingen Hair also offer free consultations in some major cities in Europe, in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Romania, to name a few


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