How Short Can I Cut My Hair After A Hair Transplant?

The harvesting method is not a matter of taste but a matter of necessity. Each patient will have different characteristics and these should be taken into account when deciding on the best technique that should be employed. If you are thinking of a hair transplant it is inevitable you will face the question of what hairstyle you can or cannot wear after hair transplant………How short can I cut my hair?

Can I shave and have no visible signs a hair transplant has been performed? Regardless of technique, FUT or FUE, no one can promise that there will not be visible scarring in the donor area, and the shorter the hair cut the more obvious this may become.

FUT, a fine linear scar is created FUE, cylindrical white dots are created. Both can be hidden under a few mm´s of hair with FUT just slightly longer than with FUE. FUT the scar is localised to a specific areas whereas FUE the extraction pattern is spread over a wider surface area around the sides and back of the head.

In most cases with FUT if a second procedure is performed the original scar can be englobed (removed), to still only leave a single line; FUE has to extract around the previous extraction points so creates potentially more visible scarring. With FUE a short or shaved hair cut it could expose the lack of hair and or the man-made pattern of extraction. Although if the hair is worn long enough, each hair will lay over the next to hide the extractions; the same as FUT. With either technique donor management is important to minimise any visible scarring, to not over-harvest with FUE and thin the donor and with FUT respect the laxity to ensure a neat closure. With either technique it is best to keep a few mm´s of hair length in the donor area; FUT may require a little longer but very minimal.

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