Do I Need Hair Loss Treatments or Medications?


Using hair loss treatments or medications is a personal decision although some hair transplant Doctors may insist on the use, dependent on the stage of hair loss you suffer from and the planning of the hair transplant procedure

If you are going to start a treatment programme it is important to maintain use and follow the application instructions correctly to ascertain how well they can work for you

Treatment can help to sustain the growth of your hair and especially in the early stages of hair loss can maintain your hair for many years. This can prolong the need to look into surgical or non-surgical hair restoration options

There are a number of hair retention products that can stimulate and strengthen the hair and hair growth, but there is no guarantee, nor can medication treat every form of hair loss

Minoxidil; For hereditary hair loss Minoxidil has proven to be effective

The application is topical, meaning it is applied to the scalp in liquid or foam form; twice a day, morning and evening

It can take around 3 months for it to take effect and within this time increased shedding of hair can occur, prolonged use for around 12 months is required to assess how successful it can be

If the application is stopped the benefits will also stop and your hair will return to a state as if you had not used the treatment. Minoxidil can be used by men and women, with different dosages

Finasteride; Finasteride affects the male hormone by blocking the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) thereby preventing or slowing the increase in hair loss

It is taken in tablet form once a day, 1mg. Like minoxidil it can take a few months to show results and should be used for at least 12 months to judge the effects; if the application is stopped hair loss continues………..

The active ingredient is on prescription and does have serious side effects for some and Finasteride is not approved to be used by women

The treatment options does not act as a recommendation but serves as a listing of the common alternatives available

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