What Hair Density Is Needed For A Hair Transplant?

What Hair Density Is Needed?

A hair transplant works on the basis of being able to place hair over an area of hair loss and mimic a natural looking density As it is impossible to place like for like original density, a ratio of 1:1 the art of a hair transplant is to be able to achieve the look of density with much less hair As the goal of a hair transplant is to block the appearance of scalp there needs to be a compromise between graft density placed and hair characteristics.

Blocking the light reflection adds to the illusion of density The density of hair placed will differ dependent on the area of the scalp, hair line, frontal third, mid-scalp and crown or vertex. This is important in creating enough fullness to create a natural looking result The hair line is made of single hair follicular units (FU´s) to ensure a natural a progressive density. The density placed is generally the highest on the hair line and can range from approximately 50-70 FU per cm².

Behind the hair line we use multiple hair FU´s, this creates greater thickness with a lower density placed due to the use of more hair. The follicular units are strategically placed to block the reflection of light when looking from the sides, front and top The density generally will drop the further back over the scalp; this is partly due to supply and demand for hair.

Not every candidate can achieve a “home run” or total restoration with an even density from the hair line to the crown To help place a high density the slit making must be refined, this allows for greater precision, especially when using custom-made blades Custom made blades allow for greater depth control, better orientation of the graft and being able to make the slits closer together, safely; therefore creating a greater density.

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