What Are Hair Characteristics?

Hair characteristics are the make-up of the hair shaft; for example the thickness, the colour and curl of the hair. The characteristics play an important aspect on how good a hair transplant candidate you maybe. This is why a hair transplant can give the appearance of coverage and density without matching hair for hair on the head.

The better your hair characteristics the easier it is to create a natural looking density and maximum coverage when rebuilding a new head of hair, especially on higher Norwood cases. Ideal hair characteristics include a thick hair shaft, curly or wavy hair and a low contrast between skin and hair colour.

A thick hair shaft gives greater coverage to help block more light; fine hair gives less coverage and requires a higher density to be placed. If the hair shaft is too fine it can make a bad hair transplant candidate.

Wavy hair can give greater fullness due to the hair curling back on itself; if the hair is left with a little length to allow the hair to fully curl it can mean a lower density can be placed, meaning more coverage can be achieved

Colour contrast between the hair shaft and the skin colour is an important factor, the lower the contrast the better and adds to the hair transplant result

When a doctor assesses your suitability for a hair transplant, the number of grafts required, the placement and density required the hair characteristics are a vital aspect of the assessment

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