Who Performs A Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant in general is a team effort, with the Doctor acting like the captain of their ship; for the time it takes to perform a hair transplant it is important that everything runs smoothly. It is normal the doctor will have members of his team known as technicians, the technicians are a vital component of a hair transplant procedure and aiding the doctor with specific duties during the procedure.

The doctors are skilled to perform all aspects of a hair transplant. Principle duties are design and planning, anaesthesia, FUE punching, strip removal and suturing and slit making in the recipient with custom-made blades. Our Tech team are medically certified and trained in-house to perform the cutting and slithering as well as graft placement, with a professional but caring manner.

Time management is important to ensure the grafts remain out of the skin for the minimal amount of time possible; this ensures greater medical care and for the well-being of the patient. Each person has duties to perform throughout the procedure, the doctor for example excising the strip and suturing the donor with FUT or punching the graft with FUE, and many times removing the FUE grafts.

The grafts then need to be separated into their follicular unit size and cleaned, a job undertaken by the technicians and checked by the doctor. Whilst the grafts are being checked the doctor can be making the recipient sites, designing the hair line and deciding what size grafts have to be placed in an area over the recipient to ensure the look of fullness and density is achieved.

The placement of the grafts is generally performed by the technicians, overseen by the doctors to ensure no slit are overlooked and the grafts placed in specific recipient sites. Although the doctor cannot be personally hands on in every aspect on the procedure it is important that they are present and checking throughout the day and of course importantly when the procedure is finished.

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