What Hair Transplant Technique To Choose?

Deciding on what hair transplant technique to choose is not a matter of style, newest or preferred but which is best for you in respect of your needs, goals and long term well-being. The 2 recognised techniques are FUT and FUE, they mainly differ in the respect of how the hair is harvested, removed from the donor area, around the sides and back of the head.

The manner of harvesting the hair will affect the donor area in a number of ways, skin laxity, the density of hair, scarring from the extraction to name a few. Before any surgery is performed the scalp is at is best, “virgin scalp”.

FUE removes the units individually from the scalp, it relies on a wide surface area, removing the hair from the donor area reduces the hair density around the sides and back of the head. Every operation performed reduces the hair density further; there is a minimum density that should be left around the donor area otherwise it will be obviously thin and very possibly with visible scarring

FUT relies on scalp laxity because a thin hair bearing strip of tissue is removed, the better the skin laxity the larger the strip and more hair can be removed, if required. In general larger hair transplant procedures are better suited to the FUT technique as it is more efficient and easier to remove large numbers due to the harvesting in one long strip, it also puts less strain on the donor hair overall density.

FUE works very well on lower hair loss patterns and or in combination with FUT to reach maximum graft numbers over 1 or 2 procedures. Although high numbers can be achieved with FUE it does rely on a much higher than average starting donor hair density and good hair characteristics; but even then this would need to be performed over multiple procedures.

There are many aspects that dictate which technique to employ, it is always good to discuss with numerous clinics that offer both techniques to achieve a balanced view.

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