What is Male Pattern Baldness?

The technical term is Alopecia Areata, but commonly known as Male Pattern Baldness, abbreviated to MPB; genetic hair loss condition men suffer from. MPB affects the majority of men over their lifetime and can vary in severity from relatively minor signs of hair loss to advanced hair loss over the entire top of the head, even moving slightly down the sides and back.

Generally hair loss starts along the hair line and temples, the hair starts to atrophy, shrink, and reduce in quality until they do not regrow. The hair line and temporal area start to move back enlarging the forehead. On occasions hair loss starts with the crown or vertex, the spiral starts to open up to expose the scalp. The crown can enlarge and move down the back of the scalp.

If hair loss progresses the frontal hair loss and the crown can join up to create advanced MPB over the entire top of the scalp. MPB is referenced using a scale from minor hair loss to advanced hair loss, known as the Norwood Scale. This scale is commonly used to identify the stage of hair loss men are suffering from. The scale can also be used to predict the pattern of hair loss that could potentially advance to, and used as a useful guide by hair transplant doctors to reference by
Although MPB is genetic and can be inherited from either side of the family it does not mean siblings will all suffer the same pattern of hair loss. MPB can skip generations and start at different times in life.
If MPB starts at an early age it can mean over time hair loss can progress to an advanced stage; if the case and a person is looking to treat the hair loss great care needs to be taken before deciding on what remedy to take

Treating MPB can sometimes best be treated initially with hair loss medications, dependent on how advanced the hair loss is. If hair loss has progressed to a relatively advanced state other methods such as hair transplantation may be a better option.

It is always advisable to seek professional advice when researching hair retention and hair restoration.

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