Why Choose A Hair Transplant For Hair Restoration?

There are various forms of hair restoration methods, some more effective than others ranging from medications, artificial hair replacement and hair transplantation; so why choose a hair transplant procedure?

Dependent on your level of hair loss, possible age and potential hair loss pattern a hair transplant maybe the correct choice of hair restoration for you.

If your hair loss has only just started it is possible a hair transplant should not be your first option; although medications cannot make new hair grow it can prevent future loss for a long time. Hair loss meds can be effective for the majority of men when used correctly, but it is important to take medical professional advice before starting any medications be it topical or orally taken; there are many fake treatments out there.

There are also artificial hair replacement methods such as toupees, they have greatly improved over the years and can provide a high Norwood case total coverage and high density, but they do have limits. They can be high maintenance, in terms of keeping them looking natural and styling, also they do not last long, so constantly need to be re-purchased sometimes every few months.

A hair transplant has limitations but it does have the advantage that it is your natural hair that grows for your life. The limitations are basically we cannot replace like for like hair so aspects such as coverage and density become an issue. Because we cannot replace like for like hair the art of a hair transplant is being able get the most out of your donor hair, especially if the hair loss pattern advances to a high Norwood level (NW). To be able to rebuild a high NW requires the doctor to be able to understand many artistic aspects of hair transplantation and facial features as well as donor hair management. To be able to reach 6-7000 grafts in a single session can restore a NW5-6 patient to a NW2-3 again. Once the hair is placed, healed and grown the hair will grow for a lifetime, it will behave with the same characteristics as if it had never been moved, it will grow and need cutting and regrow as normal.

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