Hair Transplant Graft Survival Rates

A Hair Transplant is elective surgery, along with the result looking natural another concern is the graft survival rate; how many of the grafts that are placed will grow long term.

There has to be a little patients post operation, after 30 days the hair falls out and then starts to grow again around 3 months post op, but for the majority of the hair to be growing takes around 12-15 months sometimes. The growth rate or yield is obviously an important part of the hair transplant being a success, aesthetically and financially as most clinics charge per graft placed so any that do not grow you have paid for.

It is unrealistic to expect 100% of the placed grafts to grow but a successful transplant should be considered around 95% plus grafts growth rate. There are many reasons that can affect the growth or survival rate of the grafts; from the way the grafts are removed, handled, stored, placed in the recipient sites to post operation care by the patient.

When the hair is harvested transection can occur, or the cutting of the graft, this can affect the survival and transected grafts should not be placed; the cleaning and cutting of grafts should be administered under microscopes. Under magnification it ifu dishs easier to care for the grafts, especially if the grafts are fine, blonde or grey and difficult to see in the tissue under normal sight. While the grafts are being cleaned it obviously means they are out of the scalp.

Whilst out of the scalp the follicular units should be kept in a holding solution, the holding solution preserves the grafts until they can be placed back into the recipient sites.

Tiny slits are made in the recipient area for the grafts to be placed into; the size of the slits will be different dependent on which follicular unit will be placed, from a 1 hair to usually up to a 4 hair follicular unit. Again the placement should always be made under magnification using loupes, the grafts are held with tweezers to be placed. It is vital the person placing the graft holds the graft in the correct place so as not to crush the bulb.

Gentle hands and all care must be taken not to damage the follicular units when placing them, it is a delicate and time consuming procedure, and large operations require an expert team of technicians. Once placed the grafts need to bed into the skin and fuse with the surrounding tissue and blood supply. They are vulnerable for a few days post operation so care should be taken not to knock them or any abrasive actions like massaging


Once the grafts are strong it is difficult to harm them, but the first 2 weeks post operation it is vital to follow the instructions given to you by the clinic

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