How Long Does A Hair Transplant Take?

Generally a hair transplant will be a day procedure, sometimes over 2 days dependent on the number of grafts and the technique employed.

An important aspect of a hair transplant is graft care and patient well-being, ensuring the patient is as comfortable as possible and the grafts are cared for to ensure they grow out to achieve a successful result. FUT procedures are performed in one day, because it is an efficient method of harvesting it is possible on a good candidate to reach in excess of 7000 grafts, harvested and placed in that day.

FUE is more labour intensive with each follicular unit being punched individually, so more time consuming, generally around 1500 to 2000 grafts can be punched and placed in a single day; using a manual punch technique. As a patient it is important to prepare yourself for the day, no anti-inflammatory medications, or blood dilating treatment to name two important points.

Wear comfortable clothes as you will be sitting for a long time, and in the same position; there is a need for you to be as still as possible, especially during the slit making or placement of the graftsFUE especially for the extraction many times you are laying on your front for a few hours; FUT generally you are sitting up for the strip extraction, slit making and the graft placement.

Breaks can be taken during the day and for lunch but it is important an efficient pace is maintained as there are different aspects of the hair transplant procedure that are performed during the day. The day starts with harvesting the hair, then dividing the follicular units into their relevant sizes, the slit making of the recipient sites and then the placement of the grafts into the recipient sites. A hair transplant procedure is a team effort, it is time consuming and tiring for the medical team and it is common that especially during the graft placement the technicians change to take a rest.

To have the best day possible follow the instructions given to you from your clinic

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