What Is DUPA?

Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia (DUPA) is a form of hair loss that manifests itself by diffuse thinning over the entire scalp, the top, sides and back.

Unlike MPB, Male Pattern Baldness or Androgenic Alopecia DUPA does not sustain a localised stable safe zone of hair to be able to harvest from via a hair transplant. With DUPA there is a general decrease in hair density of hair randomly but evenly over the scalp, sometimes combined with the miniaturisation of the hair shaft at the same time.

MPB can be combined with DUPA hair loss sufferers, with a normal pattern of recession occurring over the top of the scalp and if the hair loss progresses to a high Norwood stage ending with the horseshoe pattern. DUPA patients do not make good hair transplant candidates as it is impossible to identify genetically strong hair around the traditional donor area and as the density has dropped the demand for hair cannot be met. DUPA affects both sexes but is more common in woman, unfortunately there is no definitive treatment programme that has proved effective to treat this hair loss condition.

If you feel you suffer from DUPA and are considering a hair transplant consult with a dermatologist or hair restoration doctor

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