Swelling After A Hair Transplant

Swelling of forehead or eyelids is a common consequence of hair transplantation surgery, and normally occurs 2–6 days after the operation. This may cause a delay in returning to normal life and work due to your physical appearance. Swelling is a direct result of the surgical procedure, although it is harmless is can leave you cosmetically impaired for a few days. It´s caused by the anaesthesia administered in the recipient area.

Hair line operations and larger sessions the swelling is generally more common as the swelling gravitates to the forehead and down the sides to the eyelids. Post operation there are few things that can help to minimise the effects of swelling, sleeping position, cold pack and massage to name three.

Sleeping position, although not ideal try to sleep upright, at a 45º angle, if you sleep on the sides the swelling gravitates to that area and is not evenly dispersed. Also a travel pillow is of use as it steadies your head, making it easy to sleep in one position, making the first few nights more comfortable.

An ice pack can be used, held against the forehead from time to time, the ice helps to reduce the swelling, but ensure you do not touch the grafted area.

Try not to go for very long walks the first few days as this can increase the swelling due to greater cardio vascular activity.

During this period it is common the hair line will look incorrectly designed, this is simply because the swelling distorts the facial structure.

It is important not to panic, you will not feel or look at your best but it will disappear within a week and will cause you no harm or harm to the transplant.

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