Why Do We Re-Build A “Jagged” Hair Line?

The hair line placement is a vital part of a hair transplant looking natural, what adds to the design is the way the follicular units are placed along the immediate hair line. As our head is not symmetrical on either side the hair line also cannot be symmetrical; slight changes to the bone structure will alter the graft placement accordingly; this also is true of the shape of the hair line.

The follicular units are placed in to slits, or recipient sites; these sites are made with a custom-made blade that can match the size of the individual unit and also gauge the depth the graft has to be placed. When the recipient sites are being made along the immediate front of the hair line the sites are not created in a straight line, the sites are made in an uneven pattern, going “in and out” or in a jagged pattern.

This jagged pattern creates an evenness of hair growth when grown out, like our own natural hair line If a straight flat line is created when grown out it will appear cosmetically unnatural and the eye will automatically be drawn towards the hair line for totally the wrong reason; Initially post op this jagged line can seem unnatural, with hairs in odd places and no uniformity, but this is what creates the naturalness everyone is looking to achieve

This placement will alter dependent on the hair characteristics, fine hair, coarse hair, curly and straight hair for example. All will require slightly alternate placement in density and design. The density for example will alter around the hair line, especially the temporal area that needs to be more refined and slightly lower density

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