Best Hair Transplant Technique?

The best hair transplant technique is the technique that best suits your needs, it is not determined by which technique is in fashion or most popular, but by design that caters for your needs the best.

FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation has been the established technique for many years; more recently FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction has also established itself as a credible hair transplant technique. Each technique has its pros and cons with the main difference between the two techniques being the manner in which the hair/follicular units and harvested from the donor area, around the back and sides of the scalp.

Choosing the correct hair transplant can be difficult with many conflicting opinions given when you begin your research; it is important to listen to opinion and base your decision on facts that are provided.

FUT will leave a fine linear scar around the donor, hidden by the surrounding hair; FUE will leave small cylindrical scarring over a wider area of the donor area, again hidden by the surrounding hair. FUE reduces the density or amount of hair on the surface area of the donor, so each procedure lowers the amount of hair remaining, this can limit the number of FU´s available compared to FUT unless the starting density is very high. FUT relies more on scalp laxity as a hair bearing strip is harvested and sutured, so the density remaining is hardly changed, just the skin laxity slightly altered.

On high Norwood candidates there is a demand for a high number of grafts/FU´s to make the result look natural; FUT can harvest in a one day procedure on the right candidate around 5-7000 grafts. FUE in general requires multiple procedures to achieve a high number of grafts due to each FU needing to be extracted individually; also a procedure may have to be over multiple days to achieve around 3000 grafts.

FUE can also benefit repair patients, those who have undergone previous poor procedures or just multiple FUT before. As FUE has a wider harvesting potential it can increase the potential number of graft in total. FUT and FUE can be combined in a hybrid procedure, on an average hair transplant candidate this can allow 6000 plus grafts can be achieved, on a good candidate potentially 8000 plus.

Always research and take your time when researching, collect different opinions and assess the facts when looking to which technique is best for you short and long term

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