Hair Transplant Donor Management

What is more important in respect of the hair transplant procedure, the recipient area or the donor area? Many will obviously say the recipient because that is where the hair is placed to give someone their hair back. This is obviously true, but the donor area is very important to the result, short and long term, without good donor management a hair transplant will not be successful.

The donor area is around the sides and back of the head, dependent on the technique used the donor safe zone will alter in surface area, FUE technique requiring a wider surface area to harvest from and reach large numbers. Whether FUT or FUE the skin characteristics will change after every procedure and both will leave a degree of scarring. The first hair transplant procedure is working with a “virgin scalp” and important for the long term.

It is easy to think short term, about the first procedure, but effective donor management allow for educated harvesting and long term a better looking donor area and the ability to maximise the graft numbers. Dependent on the hair loss pattern can determine the best technique to initially use, also determining the future pattern of hair loss if possible.

Because FUE requires a wide surface area to harvest from this can complicate the safe zone if hair loss progresses, so treating a low NW hair loss or a younger candidate can be difficult. If hair is removed from outside the safe zone over time these hairs will fall out and compromise the hair transplant result; if too much hair has already been removed from the donor it will make it impossible to repair.

Educated donor management can make the difference between successful hair restoration programme and an unhappy person in the future. Always research thoroughly before deciding on a hair transplant procedure.

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