Repairing A Previous Hair Transplant

Hair transplants have moved on greatly in the last decade and results can be undetectable from natural hair growth. Alas in the past and sometimes today poor surgery has been performed that needs to be repaired.

Repair surgery can be complicated and a drawn out procedure, requiring multiple future operations to get back to as normal situation as possible, patience is required and prioritising areas to repair first. Hair transplant repair can be either the recipient area or the donor area, or both. Poorly placed grafts in the recipient area and bad donor management can leave the scalp overtly scarred, miniaturised hair due to trauma.

Older methods used plugs or mini-grafts opposed to follicular units. These are larger bundles of hair maybe up to 20 hairs placed in an unnatural pattern of growth. When visible, especially along the hair line looks unnatural.

Poor slit placement can leave ridging and pitting on the skin; pitting is a crater effect where the hair enters the skin, ridging leaves a raised hump of hard skin on the surface of the head. Old pluggy grafts can often to hidden by placing around them to camouflage, if directly on the hair line it may be required to remove the graft or place directly in front to create a new hair line, design allowing.

The donor area, previous scarring can be englobed or removed with FUT to leave a smaller finer scar, laxity permitting. When the new strip is removed hair can also be harvested for use in the recipient. FUE can then harvest over a wider area if more grafts are required in the recipient, also if previous scarring has poor laxity grafts can be placed directly into the scar tissue to help camouflage the area.

With hair transplant repairs it is usual for a lower density to be placed to maximise the growth yield, especially if the hair is being placed in to scar tissue when the cardio-vascular is impaired. Also, due to the nature of a repair all areas are impaired, the remaining donor is reduced and damaged and priorities need to be made in where to place the hair in the recipient to give maximum benefit. It is important to research thoroughly before undergoing a repair, every hair counts

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