What´s The Largest Hair Transplant?

The largest hair transplant procedures can be performed in a single procedure or over multiple procedures. FUT on the right candidate can exceed 7000 grafts in a single day procedure, obviously if required. The number of grafts required is largely determined by the surface area that needs to be treated; a high hair loss pattern from the hair line to the crown can require in excess of 8000 grafts.

The FUT or Strip Surgery technique can remove a large number of grafts efficiently; allowing treating high Norwood Scale hair loss suffers in a one day procedure with sometimes total coverage. A second FUT procedure can be performed at a later date to increase the density in the areas the first procedure could not complete. Over 2 procedures FUT could complete full restoration on many candidates, and leave more in the donor.

FUE takes longer as each follicular unit has to be punched individually, high numbers can be achieved but it takes multiple procedures and requires generally a higher starting donor density to achieve the same as FUT.

With a Master Plan the best technique can be assessed and agreed with the candidate to achieve their goals in minimum time scale. FUT maybe 12 months for some, whereas FUE can take years.

2. Before & Grown Out, 4039 Grafts via FUT. Hattingen Hair, Switzerland 6. Before & 15 Months After (slightly wet hair) 3994 FUT. Hattingen Hair Transplantation, Switzerland 4172 Grafts via FUT. Before & Grown Out Result. Hattingen Hair Transplantation, Switzerland 2. Before & Grown Out 3462 FUT. Hattingen Hair Transplantation, Switzerland

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