Do Hair Transplants Work?

It is a question that asked a lot as there is still scepticism about the hair transplant concept; the truth is the hair transplant procedure does work in the correct hands.

There are 2 aspects to consider, is the transplantation concept sound and will it look natural and grow. The concept of transplanting hair is based on some of the hair around the head being genetically strong and will not fall out. Growing and looking natural is down to the skill of the doctor and their technicians performing the procedure to the highest standard, understanding scalp physiology and the artistry required

Hair around the sides and back of the head are genetically immune from hair loss, they still fall out but constantly regrow; this is because the hair follicles are immune from DHT, considered to be the reason for male pattern baldness.

Theses follicular units in the donor area can be removed intact and then placed in the area of hair loss, the recipient area. The key is graft care when removing the units, caring from the units whilst they are out of the scalp. The handling and placement of the grafts is crucial to the graft survival, knowing how to handle the graft and not crush the bulb because even if placed the follicular unit will not grow

A natural result is achieved by understanding bone structure, hair angles and orientation, how to place a natural looking hair density and coverage as it is impossible to replace like for like hair. A hair transplant takes about 12 months to fully regrow; a degree of patience is required during the growth phase as over the months more of the transplanted hair regrows and matures.

Always research well, take your time before making a decision as some people make better candidates than others

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