Is A Hair Transplant Worth It?

Hair loss affects the majority of men over their life time, the psychological implications effect people in different ways; some men don´t care at all whereas others it can be traumatic and something they cannot come to terms with.

Deciding to undergo hair restoration or hair retention is a big decision and not one that should be entered into lightly or without researching the pros and cons, hair retention treatments, non-surgical or surgical hair restoration. Not everyone makes a good hair transplant candidate and because a hair transplant is not practical to reverse before starting make sure you understand what can be achieved long term, whether it will look natural and you are happy.

For the right candidate a hair transplant can restore hair coverage even with aggressive hair loss stages but it is important to understand it cannot replace like for like hair, there are limitations. A hair transplant relies on being able to move hair from an area of genetically strong hair follicles to the area of hair loss; whether you are a good candidate depends on the quality of your genetically strong hair.

Assuming your hair characteristics are good enough to sustain hair restoration if it progresses aggressively then a hair transplant can be a viable option; if your hair characteristics do not allow this then better not to start. The 2 recognised hair transplant techniques when utilised correctly can allow for near 10,000 follicular units to be removed over time on a good candidate, on an average candidate closer to between 6-7000 FU´s.

Being able to place the hair at the correct angles to the surrounding hair, ensuring the lay of the hair shaft matches the natural curvature of each hair allows for natural looking results. It is vital to find a doctor whom you feel meets your objectives, contact multiple clinics and collate the advice you are given. It is likely opinions will differ, do not necessarily take the opinion that you want to hear.

Base your decision on logic and factual observation, even if this means making compromises on your objectives and then decide whether you wish to continue with surgical hair restoration. By minimising the “risks” you increase the probabilities that you will happy with your decision and a hair transplant will be worth it

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