The Best Hair Restoration Method

Choosing a hair restoration method largely depends on your hair loss stage; the Norwood Scale is commonly used to categorise the level of hair loss, from NW1 to NW7 being aggressive hair loss.

When hair loss begins it can be tempting to try and “cure” the problem with a permanent solution, but it is important to research before taking any decision on a hair restoration or hair retention method. In the early stages of hair loss hair loss medications can prove to be effective; although it they cannot regrow lost hair they can retain the remaining hair and even improve the quality and growth.

Hair retention methods can be a good option to sustain your hair growth for many years and can also complement surgical hair restoration techniques, such as Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Unit extraction. Before embarking on surgical hair restoration there are a number of factors to consider such as age, hair loss pattern now and potential pattern in the future, your hair characteristics and donor hair quality.

Fixing a permanent low hair line at a young age can create issues in the future if hair loss progresses aggressively and your donor hair characteristics cannot sustain a balanced hair restoration plan. A Master Plan is required to ensure your long term well-being; this will require research and patience before “pulling the trigger”.

A hair transplant relies on hair around the sides and back being moved to the top; this resource is finite, there is only a certain amount that can be used to restore lost hair, so it is important to measure the resources available. Once the total amount of hair available is estimated a plan can be made how to begin hair restoration, for example hair line planning and design and density placed.

Surgical hair restoration is generally a multi procedure operation, although if hair loss has progressed it can be possibly on a good candidate to achieve total coverage in one procedure, albeit with a lower crown hair density. A “home-run” result requires good hair characteristics and good planning, with mutual agreement between patient and doctor how to approach the restoration.

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