Undetectable Hair Transplant Surgery

A fundamental of a hair transplant procedure is that it looks natural and mimics nature with natural hair growth in respect of hair angles and orientation, hair line design and graft placement.

The density of hair placed cannot replace like for like simply because the donor hair is limited and technology does not allow a slit to be made as close to another without impairing skin healing. When making the slit for the follicles to be placed in is an art in its own right; assessing the depth of the slit, the angle and orientation is crucial to making the hair shaft exit the head in the correct manner and not impairing the skin.

Placing the hair at the correct angle can increase coverage and block reflection of light off the scalp. Hattingen Hair utilise custom-made blades to create the incisions, this allows for more accurate slit size, enables a higher density to be placed, improved depth control and faster healing.

Watching the hair curvature allows each hair to blend with the adjacent hairs more effectively and naturally, especially with a shorter hair style as naturally each hair shaft curves the same way. A combination of medically adeptness and artistic ability to understanding the scalp physiology is vital to achieving a undetectable hair transplant result.

When researching try to meet previous hair transplant patients and assess their results in person

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