How to Choose A Hair Transplant Doctor?

In almost all hair transplant procedures it is a team effort, headed by the doctor and supported by their technical team, with all members having important roles to play during the day of the operation. It´s important that the team have worked together for a good period of time, and ideally be trained in-house by the doctors as this ensure a proper understanding of how the doctor wishes the procedure to be carried out.

You must feel free to ask the doctor any question when researching, expect open answers to your questions that you can fully understand and check to validate; if there is evasiveness to questions you should be concerned. How many procedures does the team perform, too few can mean no continuity in skill levels and too many may mean the care is lower.

Ask the Clinic what technical equipment they use, do they use loupes, stereo microscopes for the extraction, division and placement of the grafts. This ensures greater precision during the procedure and minimises the risk of damage to the grafts. The blade used for the making of the recipient sites, are custom-made blades utilised as this allows for greater precision making the sites, being able to measure the size of the slit to the size of the graft.

Is the hair curvature taken into account during the placement of the grafts, not to be confused with the hair angle. All hair has a curvature and if placed correctly will allow for more fullness and will blend with the surrounding hair naturally.

Ask to see a range of before and after patient results, ideally with a similar thinning pattern and hair characteristics to you, the more the Clinic can provide the better and will showcase a range of their results. It is important to research thoroughly, narrow down your search over time before making your decision.

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