How Does A Hair Transplant Grow?

Deciding to undergo a hair transplant is a big decision, once you have had the procedure the next stage is waiting for the hair to grow, and for some this can be frustrating.

The placed hair bed into the skin tissue over the first few days post operation and then remains for approximately 20-30 days before shedding; at this stage generally the only remaining hair is the native hair. The follicular unit (FU) remains in a dormant stage for the first 3 months before starting to regrow again. This can be an agonising time for the patient, just hoping to see some hair growth. The growth is relatively minimal and the quality of growth is often finer and wispier or even coarser than your natural hair quality. This is quite normal in the early stages and nothing to be concerned about.

As the hair travels through growth cycles the hair begins to relax and settles in the new area, starting to mature and take on your natural hair characteristics. Around the 6 months stage post operation there should be significant hair growth and for many the time people relax as they can see their result taking shape; although there is still more growth and maturing to come.

The remaining growth will come through normally between 6 to 12 months post operation, although repair cases this can be longer due to previous impairment of the skin tissue slowly down the healing and growth. Even though it is considered the total growth will be there by 12 months for the full result to properly mature can be closer to 18 months with subtle changes in the body, calibre of the hair shaft.

It is important to understand these growth phases otherwise you may not feel you are at the stage you should be. A high degree of patience is required especially in the early growth stages and best to try and forget and get on with life

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