Is There A Cure For Hair Loss?

Hair loss occurs in the majority of men and increasingly to some degree in women, hair loss can take many forms and many causes, genetic, stress, health, chemical, traction to name a few. Dependent on the cause some hair loss conditions can regrow, with or without hair loss treatment remedies, but even so this cannot be assured.

Androgenic alopecia, or in men also known as Male Pattern Baldness is a genetic hair loss condition that effects the majority of men over their lifetime. The condition is progressive and it can be hard to determine when it will cease. There are hair loss retention treatments available with 3 FDA approved treatment programmes, results will vary from person to person and they only work whilst you maintain their use. Hair loss meds can be very beneficial in the early stages of hair loss to reduce future loss, also in higher stages of hair loss to help reduce the risk of the lateral humps and crown dropping further; increasing the hair loss surface area.

A Hair Transplant is an effective way of hair restoration for the right candidate, but it is not a cure for hair loss, simply the movement of hair units from one area of the scalp to another; with a finite donor hair resource. A hair transplant is not always the best method to first consider, it can depend on many factors; age, hair loss stage, potential for future hair loss, and the person´s hair characteristic qualities.

For example; if treating a small area of hair loss, the hair line, and fixing it aggressively can create potential problems long term if hair loss progresses. The balance of hair to bare scalp is incorrect, an unnatural coverage. As the final pattern of hair loss can be hard to predict, especially in the early stages much care should be taken before deciding on surgical hair restoration.

Although there is not a cure for hair loss, there are options available to either retard hair loss for some time or rebuild areas of hair loss. Planning and timing is important to ensure over time a natural head of hair can be maintained

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