Rebuilding the Hair Line

Placement of the Hairline

The hairline is normally the most visible area of a hair transplant result. Hairline design and placement will vary from person to person; it is not advisable to go for a “designer hair line”.

Especially younger patients’ desire a low and dense hairline; if the case generally the best candidate will be the one who has less hair loss that has stabilised, good donor hair density and little to no family history of extensive hair loss. A potential hair transplant candidate must be made mindful of the probability of progressive hair loss and require surgery in the future, and ensuring the donor can sustain the need over the recipient surface area.

Rebuilding a hair line not only requires medical skills but a great deal of artistic ability to ensure the frontal line not only looks natural today but in the years to come as the person becomes older. The hair line starts and finishes on either side of the face, from each sideburn, temporal recession, the central hair line to the other side.

For most men the hairline starts at 1/2 the distance above the eyebrows, there are various ways to measure the height of the hair line:

The apex of the hairline is placed 7-8 cms above the eyebrow

The apex of the hairline is placed 4 fingers above the top of the eyebrows

Where the forehead moves back across the posterior or top of the scalp

There are naturally occurring aspects of nature that have to conform to and ensure the result looks natural. The side of the hairline must be in line with the outside of the eye called the lateral canthus. Placing the hairline appropriately on the forehead is vital, too low and attention will be drawn to it and too high will not get rid of the appearance of thinning or baldness.

The hairline should not be symmetrical and have irregularities, slightly moving in and out with a jagged style of graft placement to ensure a natural line is creates and not a straight thick wall of hair. Dependent on the area the graft is being placed the angle and orientation will change, from the central apex, the temporal recession down the lateral or side of the face.

Another area of importance is the size and calibre of the hair units used; on the immediate hair line only single hair units should be used otherwise the line will look pluggy and totally unnatural. The hair calibre, fine hairs always allow for a softer more natural look to the hair line, candidates with naturally coarse hair can make placement harder to achieve the softer look.

As much as the majority of candidates would love a low hair line placement common sense and reality should always prevail, and if the donor characteristics and hair loss potential do not allow, do not chance it. Always try to get multiple opinions as to your suitability to undergo a hair transplant and how good a candidate you are.

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