Crown or Vertex Hair Transplants

Treating the crown or vertex can be a technically demanding aspect of surgical hair restoration, largely due to the changing angles and orientation of hairs to recreate the natural spiral that occurs. Furthermore, the surface area of the crown can be extensive, equalling the frontal and mid-section combined, dropping on the sides as well as the back of the head, making restoration demanding and sometime not practical.

Due to the possibly insatiable need for hair in the crown it is important to understand how treating the crown will effect long term hair restoration and sustaining natural looking results. Hair loss retention treatments can be a good first alternative to treating the crown, sustaining the hair growth over the area and potentially being able to thicken the hair growth for sometime.
Long term planning is vital, especially in younger candidates not to treat the crown too early, the crown area can continue to lose hair over time and the individual may not have a sufficient donor hair to continue natural restoration

If you are a candidate for crown restoration you cannot necessarily expect to achieve the same hair density as the hair line and mid-section. Due to the demand for hair elsewhere the strategic placement of hair is vital. Due to the pattern of hair placement over the crown, with a spiral pattern needing to be created until the spiral blends into the native angles around the crown takes great artistic and medical skills.

Another important aspect to consider is how far the crown drops and impacts on the safe donor zone around the sides and back of the head, as the crown opens it reduces the size of the safe zone, especially for FUE. On younger candidates with minimal hair loss this can be hard to impossible to access with accuracy; if hair loss becomes advanced hair could potentially have been removed from an un-safe zone and fall in the future.

Due to these issues it is sometimes felt the crown is a neglected area when it comes to a hair transplant. It is not neglected but requires great planning to ensure long term results are natural and sustainable


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