Can Anyone Have A Hair Transplant?

From a medical perspective there are very few conditions that may prevent an individual from undergoing a hair transplant procedure, but a hair transplant relies on more factors to determine a suitable candidate. A hair transplant is not a cure for hair loss, a hair transplant is simply the movement of hair from one area of the scalp (donor area) to another area (recipient area); the donor is a finite resource and will run out.

The amount and quality of the donor hair is a crucial aspect to making an individual a good hair transplant candidate; donor hair density and hair characteristics will determine the quality of a result. If the donor hair is poor quality, low density a hair transplant may not be advisable, especially if and when hair loss progresses from a lower Norwood to advanced hair loss.

The pattern of hair loss, the surface area to cover is a large consideration, especially if hair loss is minor and has the potential to progressively advance over time. Higher hair loss patterns make it easier to ascertain the graft numbers required. Age combined with hair loss pattern often determine the suitability of a candidate; this is not to dismiss the emotional trauma hair loss can create, but a hair transplant should not necessarily be the first choice.

It is important as we age and lose more hair an age appropriate hair line is designed and a natural coverage and density can be achieved; a balanced coverage is created across the top of the head. Treating a receding hair line at an early stage of hair loss and especially at a relatively young age will fix a low hair line forever; if hair loss progresses the donor must be able to deal with the need to cover the surface area. In many cases hair retention medications can be a better first option to stabilise hair loss and even improve the quality of the native hair, results will vary from person to person, and time must be given to assess how effective they work.

Goals and objectives must be discussed with the doctor to assess whether they can be met short and long term. This is a vital aspect of a good hair transplant and the happiness of the patient

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