How Natural Is A Hair Transplant?

Keys to a hair transplant looking perfectly natural is a combination of medical ability, a high degree of artistic skill and a understanding of the scalp physiology; how bone structure effects the design.

Medically ability will ensure that the hair transplant procedure is carried out to the highest standards; aspects such as donor hair extraction and closure techniques, graft care, slit making and graft placement. With either the FUT or FUE technique donor management is a vital aspect of a hair transplant, either an educated harvesting protocol with FUE to not leave obvious hair less areas or FUT extracting to ensure a fine closure line.

Caring for the grafts when they are extracted, cleaned and examined under magnification and kept in a holding solution to safeguard the integrity of the follicular units until they can be placed back in to the scalp. The creation of the recipient sites for the follicular units also known as grafts to be placed in; correct depth control, correct angle and orientation of the slit so the grafts all follow the same direction.

Follicular units grow in natural groupings, normally 1 to 4 hairs per group; the distribution of the FU´s is determined by the area to be placed. Single hair units are placed on the immediate hair line. Behind the hair line 2 hair and then 3 and 4 hair units are strategically placed in areas to achieve the appearance of density and fullness, blocking the light reflection off the scalp.

Graft placement, care and attention when holding the delicate grafts with forceps, not to crush or damage the hair bulb. Watching for the natural curvature of the hair shaft so all hairs follow the same curvature.

Hair line placement and design is a crucial aspect to ensure a natural result is achieved; a hair line placed too high or too low can draw unnecessary attention. The scalp is asymmetrical, with each side slightly different bone structure to the other. Hair line placement will be largely determined by the hair loss pattern and donor hair resources available. If hair loss is advanced the hair line needs to be positioned so a balanced coverage can be achieved

A Master Plan will ensure that over time as hair loss advances the donor can supply enough hair; some individuals may not be able to achieve total restoration with a lower density over the crown. But combined with the graft care from extraction, cleaning, slit making, distribution and placement a natural result can be achieved.


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