10 More Common Questions About Hair Transplantation

1. How Do I Choose A Hair Transplant Doctor or Clinic?

Research thoroughly, make sure you ask many questions, when possible have a personal consultation, research clinic results and talk to previous patients. Ensure that the answers reach the objectives you are trying to achieve

2. Does A Hair Transplant Leave Scarring?

Any incision into the skin will leave some degree of scarring, FUT, linear, FUE cylindrical. With correct harvesting protocols scarring is kept to a minimum and with a little hair length is not visible

3. How Much Is A Hair Transplant?

This can depend on the technique used and the number of grafts required. Most clinics charge per graft/FU placed but it is important to ensure that natural FU´s are being placed and not just paying for single hairs

4. Can I Choose The Hair Line Design?

This can depend, the hair line design has to match your natural bone structure and take into consideration the potential for future hair loss And the quality of your hair characteristics to ensure a balanced natural coverage

5. What Is Hair Density?

Hair density is generally measured per cm², the number of follicular units, either in the donor or recipient areas. In the donor the average density is around 75 FUcm² and can rise to over 100 FUcm²

6. When Can I Have Another Hair Transplant?

Generally it is best to wait approximately 12 months before considering further hair restoration; this gives time for the previous procedure to grow and mature and for donor healing

7. Do I Need To Use Hair Retention Medications?

Hair loss meds can be beneficial especially in the early stages of hair loss, and also to enhance the hair transplant result. It is important to discuss with the doctors when researching to assess whether using hair loss meds are advised

8. Who Performs The Hair Transplant?

The procedure is a team effort, overseen by the doctor with their technician team aiding. The doctors will administer certain aspects of the procedure such as graft harvesting, slit making and the technicians clean and place the grafts

9. How Are The Grafts Placed?

Small incisions are made in the scalp called recipient sites, the grafts are handled with great care using forceps. Under magnification they are strategically placed dependent on how many hairs per follicular unit

10. Can The Grafts Fall Out?

Care should be taken post operation to not cause abrasive actions, heavy massage or knock your head, especially in the first few weeks post operation as it as this point the grafts are most delicate

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