Another 10 Common Questions About Hair Transplantation and Hair Loss

1. When Can I Go Back To Work After A Hair Transplant?

Some depends on your working lifestyle, but it is ideal to take some time off work to relax and allow for the initially post op recovery, around 2 weeks is a good relief time

2. Will I Have Swelling Post Operation?

Swelling, especially with larger procedures and hair line reconstruction is common; it is harmless although you will not look your best. Adjusting your sleeping position and using an ice pack with aid recovery; it should last maybe 4 days

3. When Can I Shampoo My Hair After A Hair Transplant?

Each clinic will have their own protocols and it is essential to follow the instructions given to you. It is important to wash your hair regularly post operation to help the healing process and maintain a clean scalp

4. Will A Hair Transplant Stop Hair Loss?

NO. There is no cure for hair loss today; hair loss is progressive and hard to determine when it will stop. A hair transplant can rebuild areas of hair loss with genetically strong hair from around the sides and back of the scalp

5. When Will Hair Loss Stop?

Looking at family history is a guide but not the definitive answer; hair loss at an early age can progress aggressively. Before considering a hair transplant it is best to wait until hair loss has stabilised

6. What Is My Hair Loss Stage?

Hair loss is typically categorised using the Norwood Scale, ranging from minimal hair loss as NW2 to progressive hair loss NW7, with stages between as examples of the typical patterns of male pattern baldness

7. What Is Androgenic Alopecia?

Commonly known as male pattern baldness or MPB; genetically induced hair loss that affects the majority of men over their life time. Normally starting with a hair line recession and moving back over the scalp

8. Can I Shave My Hair After A Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant to look good relies on a degree of hair length to create the best illusion of hair density in the recipient area; if you shave you reduce the illusion and the result will look thinner

9. Can A Hair Transplant Be Reversed?

Grafts can be removed from the recipient area, either small linear incisions or by FUE punching but it is not without concerns. Even with proficiency it is likely signs of extraction will be visible and impossible to totally reverse a procedure

10. Will There Be Changes To My Donor Area?

Yes, after every procedure the skin physiology will change, scarring, skin laxity changes, and loss of hair density around the area. It is important to understand how the changes will affect your long term hair restoration

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