Things To Look Out For When Researching A Hair Transplant

Is it too good to be true?

Obviously not always the case but if every question or concern you ask is met with a smile and a positive answer maybe question the validity. It is common compromises have to be made between the individual’s goals and what is feasible to achieve and unlikely on the average candidate everything will be positive

Hair Transplant Questions Check List

Hair Transplant Questions Check List

Believe what you can prove

For example, checking the donor hair density, a quick glance or flick through with a comb will obvious be able to say if good or bad to the extreme with a trained eye but not give precise details. Under magnification the density around the donor can be assessed and then a plan of restoration put into place

Qualify Results

Don´t just take a yes to answers, ask to see results, from previous years and more later cases, this will give a good indication as to the consistency the clinic is producing good work

Evasive answers

Be concerned if questions you asked are becoming difficult to answer; a hair transplant is elective surgery and you need to know what you are getting into with openness so your decision is based on facts

A Mutually Agreed Plan Is Made

It is important that you are comfortable with your decision and everyone is aware of the individual´s goals. Agree a plan for the purpose of how the hair transplant will be performed, hair line placement, and density required coverage that can be achieved.

Especially if a personal consultation has been attended these can easily be assessed and no huge reason on the day of surgery there should be many if any changes to the plan. An on-line consultation may change the approach slightly if some aspects could not be properly assessed.

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