What To Expect From A Hair Consultation?


A hair loss or transplant consultation can be a useful way to gather more information personal to your situation and have a personal dialogue with the doctors who will be responsible for a surgical hair restoration procedure

Some individuals criteria will be different; some want to ensure they also have a good relationship with the doctor, that they are approachable and show an understanding of the feelings of the person; others are more focussed on only the technical and do not care about the doctor´s attitude, as long as the work is proficient

It is always a good idea to be prepared for your consultation, make a list of questions you wish to ask so nothing is forgotten; maybe send to the clinic before so the doctor can also prepare and make the time as productive as possible

Hair Transplant Questions Check List for your Consultation

Hair Transplant Questions Check List for your Consultation

Some aspects should be expected, such as checking the quality of your hair characteristics, donor and recipient, assessing the donor hair density, approximate hairs to FU number and any degree of miniaturisation in the donor. If hair line rebuilding discuss the design and your goals, even draw the hair line and understand why the placement and design has to be a certain way to ensure a balanced and sustainable result can be achieved long term. On higher Norwood cases how much coverage can be achieved and how many grafts can be harvested in a single procedure and later, future procedures if required

The hair transplant technique to use, either FUT or FUE; each technique offers their own benefits and especially if the first procedure which is going to be the best for donor area management. Does the clinic use any “technical tricks” to enhance the hair transplant, custom-made blades, hair curvature, angle of graft placement, closure techniques to name a few

It is always good to discuss how the day of the procedure will be managed, what aspects of the procedure the doctors´ undertake and what duties are the responsibilities of the technical staff; a small detail but you do not want any surprises or concerns on your big day

Post operation is important, how accessible is the clinic after your procedure, help with questions and concerns; and not wishing to be negative, but what if there is a problem, will the clinic be there for you?

It may be possible to look around the clinic but it is important if there are patients undergoing their procedure that day that their privacy and hygiene is respected; as you would wish on your big day

Be prepared for your consultation and make the most of the time you spend with the doctor; it is a vital requisite to your hair transplant research

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