Can I Use My Brothers Hair For A Hair Transplant?


Genetics rely on DNA and each individual has their own DNA structure, regardless if you are genetically connected, the same mother and father; is it possible two bothers will have a different hair loss pattern?

Can I Use Someone Else's Hair To Restore My Hair Loss?

Can I Use Someone Else’s Hair To Restore My Hair Loss?

It is very possible that brothers can experience different patterns of hair loss over their life; to the extent one may keep almost a full head of hair and the other suffer from advanced hair loss

If considering surgical hair restoration, a hair transplant, then you have to look at your own personal characteristics and hair loss condition as you cannot use even your brothers or other siblings

Hair transplantation can be an excellent method or hair restoration, but it is not a miracle cure and does have limitations; the largest being the donor resources are finite, if hair loss progresses it can be harder to reach total restoration unless your hair characteristics are good and a correct plan is made to deal with progressive hair loss

Deciding when to start surgical hair restoration can mean the difference between long term happiness with well thought out goals and planning or constant concerns that make an educate plan very difficult to sustain

Timing is very important when considering a hair transplant, treating minor hair loss at a young age can lead to problems in the future if the hair loss progresses aggressively and you cannot sustain a balance natural restoration

Have the donor hair density measured, calculated the approximate average hair to FU count, good, bad or fair hair characteristics, skin healing and laxity, donor safe zone size, the best techniques to use now and in the future

Create a plan based on these qualities and then review your goals to ascertain whether at your stage of hair loss now your goals can be sustained over the longer term as the hair loss advances

Be aware that to rely solely on family “hair history”, especially at a younger age is ill-advised as hair loss does not always follow the genetic pattern of our paternal, maternal or siblings; it is a guide only

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